7 Best Water Softener Shower Heads in 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever thought about the water shower head and how it’s affecting our hair skin and overall health we filtered drinking water why not a best water softener shower head I ended up getting a shower filter and boy why didn’t I do this a long time ago it just might be a game-changer especially for your journey a few benefits from taking a shower in filtered water here can preserve its natural moisturizing oils hair becomes softer and healthier.

It produces more of a natural shine when you remove chemicals or chlorine from your water. Your skin is going to have a very similar reaction. It’s going to retain more of its natural oils and stay more moisturized skin is going to be healthier, especially if you have sensitive skin. Now you realize over the years why your hair doesn’t have the shine it uses to have and grow; it reduces the appearance of wrinkles as well as far as other health concerns chlorine and other chemicals can affect your respiratory health.  

Here are the Top Best Water Softener Shower Head 

Aqua Eva 15 Stage Shower Filter 

  • 15 Stage Shower-head Water Filter

  • Easy to install and helps with hard water

  • Soft water with as much of the stinky and skin-drying elements removed.

Berkey Shower Filter

Berkey Shower Filter

  • it Reduces up to 95% of chlorine 

  • Reduces lime, scale, mold in showers 

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage

  • It has Ceramic balls that help restore healthy skin
  • Calcium Sulfite effectively works 

1 – Aqua Eva 15 Stage Softener Shower Head

Today I want to talk to you this excellent luxury hard water shower filter from Aqua Eva home group there are so many amazing benefits let me see if I can put them all in right now some of the advantages are this filtration system is super powerful there are 15 stages of powerful filtration at one of the amazing things is the filter. Itself has vitamins C. and E. in it, so it’s perfect for your skin helps condition it. Your nails look great in your here stays nice and soft.

Aqua Eva 15 Stage Shower Filter

Amazing benefits another thing is that the filter helps boost your immune system with 1 of the stages included in it. Hence, some other benefits from these fantastic stages of filtration it helps purify the water it removes the chlorine and because of that and helps reduce dry, itchy skin and reduces excess so when you get your brand new filter it comes with two so once you run out of time without 112 to 16 months was is a long time you get a benefit from you just unscrew the cap super easy pop in the new one.

You are good to go another great thing with this is I wish to tell you since I’ve been using it my skin has never been so soft my hair nails I hardly get them anymore, and my hair is thin silky and smooth.

It’s nice because they don’t have to use so many products, my hair like I used to with the full chopper. I love my new shower filter, so if you want to benefit from all these fantastic things, go out and grab yourself one today.


  • The water feels way better, and shower doors no longer streaked with minerals!
  • Soft water with as much of the stinky and skin-drying elements removed.
  • It helps fight the hard water to keep your skin feeling soft!
  • Easy to install and helps with hard water
  • 15 Stage Shower-head Water Filter

  • Great investment!
  • LOVE this shower filter
  • 1 SHOWER says it ALL
  • Dramatically softer skin!!!
  • Sometimes it does not reduce hardness!

2 - Berkey Softener Shower Head filter

In many areas, I'm a tell compelling content in the water issue water high in heavy metals, and chlorine can here take the skin. Leave an unpleasant odor that can even rust and corrode your shower head.

That's why Berkey filters offer the berkey shower filter. Our unique filter reduces water-soluble metals such as lead mercury, and hi also reduces up to 95 percent of chlorine from water; hydrogen sulfide limescale mold algae fungus even kills bacteria. Installation is a cinch as the berkey shower filter easily replaces your old showerhead. 


Your new berkey shower filter will offer three relaxing. Not quite ready to give up your shower head, but once the filtration power berkey will allow filter will fit conveniently to your existing showerhead. When you order your unit, you will receive the showerhead back lower tax payment on your screen, which typically lasts up to 25000 gallons or one year that's nearly 2500 showers. 


  • it Reduces up to 95% of chlorine, chemical absorption, and vapor inhalation
  • Hair moved from dry and lackluster to soft and glistening in only a few washes
  • Reduces lime, scale, mold in showers 

  • Excellent filter, even for handheld showerheads
  • Chlorine smell and skin rashes are gone
  • Useful for filtering chlorine out of household water
  • Turned tough water to soft water feeling

3 - AquaBliss 12 - Stage Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter this shower filter is by aqua bills best seller amongst shower water filters from aqua bliss if you are super demanding about the possibilities of your shower filter.

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage

This is one satisfies your requirements for the SF 100 as a 12 stage filtration system that will significantly improve the condition of your hair skin and nails, and it is the budget-saving choice in the long run.

A lifetime of the filters is approximately six months the main difference from the showers they manufacture an advanced filtration system.


  • It has Ceramic balls that help restore healthy skin, reducing itchy and dandruff and eczema far
  • Ceramic Vitamin C Balls infuse the water with Vitamin C and other beneficial elements
  • Calcium Sulfite effectively targets all chlorine from both HOT and COLD water 

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Much softer hair!
  • Life-changing
  • Not at all

4 - Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter

Dewifier shower is recommended for the prevention of skin, hair, and respiratory problems. It is said that removing minerals, chlorine, and fluoride from the water prevents premature skin aging and dry skin.

Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter


It also reduces itchy skin acne and sinus problems, unlike other showers found this one besides KDF coconut active carbon contains also used to soften the water.

This is first filtered that comes with water test kid to filtered water entertaining. This is a high-quality water filter to remove the toxins from the municipality water, and I highly recommend it.


  • Showerhead Filter for HARD water & chlorine-treated water. Showerhead water filter for cold or hot water
  • Shower water filter with Multi-stage shower purifier cartridge for showerheads to remove hard water & chlorine
  • A healthier life with a Dewifier water softener shower head 

  • Prevent dry 
  • skin Alleviate itchy skin 
  • Prevent wrinkles
  • It was challenging to install due to the filter had female connectors

5 - pH Energize Multi-Stage Shower Filter

pH Energize Multi-Stage Shower Filter is a multi-stage show filter. This water filter has an eight-step water filtration system. It uses a micro steel net, which eliminates organic. Inorganic materials such rust and algae number two uses KDH which removes chlorine chloramines and heavy metals such as you know copper-nickel and co2 mine .

pH Energize Multi-Stage Shower Filter

Then it uses hundreds of natural zeolite crystal which helps removes fluoride and other heavy metals it also uses fun which inhabits viruses and then terminals on with chops increases ph levels also comes with six months or 1200 gallons life a life span and then it also softens hard water to delivery silky soft, smooth skin hair and scalp.


  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION IN MINUTES connects to most standard fixtures, including your hoses, tap, faucet, or showerhead.
  • It effectively removes chlorine, chloramine, some fluoride, & heavy metals. Filters sand, silt, and rust. Increase pH levels & -ORP while ionizing & softening hard water, adding minerals. 

  • Leaving your skin, scalp & hair feeling soft, smooth & luxurious.
  • Improves the taste and smell of water
  • Increases water pressure
  • water pressure dropped to a trickle

6 - Culligan WSH Wall-Mounted Water Softener Shower Head

If you want an ideal shower, then Culligan WSH  is best for you, it has excellent softer for water and cleaner skin and hair. It comes with six months, or 10000 gallons depending on usage. It included WHR-140 filter cartridge reduces sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale Patented filter media bacteriostatic that limits passage and growth of bacteria have great Teflon tape, cartridge reminder sticker, and installation instructions.

Culligan WSH Wall-Mounted Water Softener Shower Head

Best compatibility to install on any standard 1/2-inch threaded shower arm. The filtration removes the skin's impurities, which may damage hair follicles and cause itchy scalp.

Besides, by merely reducing the quantity of scale (a hard, filmy deposit generated by minerals from plain water), the showerhead can provide you more of this hydrating, nourishment, scalp, and skin desire.



  • Independently Certified by IAPMO
  • Five Spray Settings to Suit Your Mood
  • Reduces chlorine, sulfur odor, and scale

  • Providing Families with Clean, Healthy Water
  • Safe and Long Lasting 
  • Easy to installation
  • sometimes low water pressure!

7 - Hotel Spa 7-Setting Handheld Shower

Hotel Spa Handheld Shower has the main feature is a luxury handheld showerhead that has seven settings and patented on – off pause switch on the handle so if you are about to change your shower head you might consider this shower along with head you will get with two-stage shower filter that will supply you with softer and healthier water free of chlorine and its vapors the system.

Handheld Shower


This system uses KDF media for the filtration and removes the damaging chemicals heavy metals minerals and impurities from your water, in the end, you will have tender skin and lively hair at a fair 

Price also cartridge is disposable.


  • Angle adjustable overhead bracket and a premium 60-inch flexible stainless steel
  • 7 Full Setting High-Power Hand Shower
  • Convenient Pause Switch on Handle

  • filters out the hard minerals out of the water
  • Super easy install. Took about 5 minutes
  • Great for skin
  • A few time filters slow water pressure to a drip

How to Install a New Shower Filter


This is the opportunity where you may need to use pliers or channel locks if your existing showerhead is on very tight so we're going to.

Initially used suppliers just to get it going how much it's going, we can then do it by hand like cells in a counterclockwise direction simply remove the existing showerhead from the pipe for shower arm. Then you'll experience exposed these threats now.


He showers have been removed you can see the threads on the shower arms shower pipe now sometimes these have particles on the sand or grit and what you want to do is to take a cloth and just wipe it clean make sure you have a decent service before applying the Teflon tape.

Then you'll receive your Teflon tape, which helps prevent any leakage once the shower filter has been installed and place it on the threads of the pipe like so. And you start to wrap around. I would do this about 5 or 6 times, Michael. When you're finished. Pull. Take your hand to smooth it out, and are you ready for the installation now that's a tight one tape has been applied to the friends of the shower arm.


We're ready to install the monsoon shower filter. The filtration component comes. First, it's all-metal shower filter there are two sides to this the one that is intended as a part that screws on to the show are the threads are internal and inside is a black washer this has to be in place to prevent any leakage take this indented side place up to the show or are and what you want to do is turn it counterclockwise until you feel or hear a slight click then you know you're ready to screw in a clockwise direction like some screwed onto the shower or nice and tight and snug.

Like so now that the filtration components in place, I'm pretty attached tough on tape to the external threats we're ready to attach the extension arm looks like so.

We're going to take your extension arm place of hope to the external threads on the shower filter and begin to screw in a clockwise direction, I think so. Nice and tight and snug. And when we do, we take the win not over here loosen up raise restriction arm up like so tighten the wing nut. And finally, we're ready to attach the shower head; finally, we're prepared to connect the showerhead to the extension arm there's a threaded side to the showerhead, and that's the part that extends to the arms place up to the mark and begin to screw it in a clockwise direction.

Until this nice tight and snow, once that's been done notice, we can adjust the shower arm to any height and angle depending on your height or desired spray. It can look like that. It can seem like that. And this might not hear touches like fat and can also make adjustments. So you can see there are many sizes many changes can be made with a monsoon shower filter. You're ready to shower chlorine-free showers with your shower filter store monsoon shower filter.

Best Water Softener Shower Heads

Conclusion :

If you would like to purchase the very best water Heater shower thoughts to soften the tough water you get on your town through civil distribution, then the info offered within this write up will be able to help you in this aspect. You can use the recommendations discussed previously to help you pick out the most pleasant shower thoughts for the house to soften the water, not merely for the bathroom but for the whole residence.