Consumer reports best water softener All you need to know

consumer reports best water softener


There are calcium and magnesium in hard water. Although it is safe to drink, it causes deposits on dishes and shower curtains and leave a residue on hot water appliances. Performance and efficiency can be affected by that buildup over time.


Using a whole-house water softener is necessary to treat hard water, which can be problematic without using a point-of-use filter. The most commonly used types of water softeners are ion exchange systems, which replace minerals with sodium ions.


Companies usually lease the systems for $40 to $100 per month, but you can also purchase them for several thousand dollars installed. Irrespective of your water’s hardness, you should see little sodium left in consumer reports best water softener. You may be concerned about this, but consider using a system using potassium chloride. I found that potassium chloride works just as well at softening water, but it costs several times more to replenish.


Others claim to use magnetic force instead of salt to break down minerals’ molecules to prevent scale buildup. With the help of the National Sanitation Foundation and other stakeholders, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is developing a standard to measure the efficacy of magnetic softeners. Despite Culligan and Kinetico’s experiments with water softeners without salt, they said they didn’t find one that worked as well as ion exchangers.



It is likely you have problems related to your water installation or your hair and skin if you have hard water at home. Your dishwashers and washing machines can malfunction when hard water accumulates.


You may also find your dishes are not completely clean and you may have issues with washing your clothes properly as a result. Hard water can create a lot of waste since hard water can clog baths and showers.

Water softeners can eliminate these problems in your home. They come in several varieties that are specifically designed to avoid hard water problems.

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