Top 7 Best Water Softener Resin in 2022 – (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

In this guide, we’re going to show you the most reliable and perfect & Best Water Softener Resin, which no one talks about.

The water purifier acts as converting hard water to soft water from the exchange of ions. There’s a more massive contribution of chlorine bed available in a preservative, which interrupts the harshness of water so that ion exchange can happen. Hard water is a frequent problem in the USA and many areas of the world.


Here is the Top Best Water Softener Resin

Purolite C-100E

  • Crosslink – 8% standard
  • Color – clear, amber.​
  • Type – Standard ion exchange resin/cation.​ 


HydroTec Systems

  • Weight 50 pounds
  • Size 1 cubic foot bag
  • Removes soluble calcium and soluble iron


Oceanic Water Systems

  • Weight 52 pounds
  • Size – 0.5 Cubic –  1.0 Cubic Ft – 2.0 Cubic Ft


besides, also use these best water softeners for a cleaner, resin beads, along with iron resin bed cleaner.


Best Water Softener Resin


1 – Purolite C100E – All in one water softener Resin

Purolite C-100E

Purolite C100E is a premium, industrial stable acid cation its cycle through twice to flush out. It takes complete 4 hours to entire transfer done that’s great among of all. The installed Resin in your mineral tank and (well) water has never been better. 

The new Resin, loaded with the affordable funnel made for servicing water softeners, works perfectly. It is a heavy bag, but by filling a smaller bucket and using that purpose-built tube.

This Resin can be easily changed out when cleaning an empty salt tank.

Do not be afraid to tackle this as a DIY job. 


The bag was heavy, but the bag itself was heavy-duty plastic, It is even time-consuming to replace the Resin; however, a relatively easy task. Your water softener wasn’t softening until you switched out the Resin.


Key Features :

  1. Completely satisfied how soft the water is again, maybe better than new, and I did save $300.
  2. Crosslink – 8% standard cation.​ 
  3. Type – Standard ion exchange resin/cation.​ 
  4. Color – clear, amber.​ 

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Strong acid cation
  • Perfect for large households
  • It can be replaced easily
  • A bit expensive


2 - HydroTec Systems Water Softener Resin  HydroTec Systems

If your softener is few years old or there is much iron in your water, then you might need to replace your filter, then we have this new HydroTec Systems water softener resin.


It has a very stable sodium form. Here Polymer Structure Styrene Cross linked with DVB Functional. This material works great after installation.


Key Features:

  1. Defective packaging while buying a water softener

  2. Weight 50 pounds
  3.  Size 1 cubic foot bag
  4. Crosslink - 8%

  • Removes Hardness
  • New in the market
  • Suitable for household use
  •  impressive resin bed longevity
  • hard Resin


3 - Oceanic Water Systems Water Softening Resin

Oceanic Water Systems

Currently, Oceanic Water Systems is one of the new resin brands in the market with original resin packing. It's turning hard water into soft water entirely.

The Resin though it has a cost of about 150 dollars, is well worth a go. 

That is as it's likely to work for you for several years to come for sure. 


Key Features : 

  1. one of the top 10% cross-link resin Water Softening Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin. 
  2. Size - 0.5 Cubic -  1.0 Cubic Ft - 2.0 Cubic Ft
  3. Weight 52 pounds

  • Ideal for the large householder.
  • 10% cross-linked water softener resin
  • 100% ion exchange process
  •  Works with excellent water softeners
  • A bit expensive 


4 - LiquaGen ion exchange water softener 

LiquaGen ion exchange water softener

Are you looking for high-end Resin to soften hard water with no high-end cost, LiquaGen is that. It is a perfect resin created for softening hard water and preparing high-quality water for any potable and food processing.


It contains bead form, premium-grade stable acid cation fantastic Resin in managing higher iron content in household or industrial water restoration equipment. 


You can be Replacing this Resin; it is cheaper and more comfortable.


Key Features : 

  1. Good selectivity and thermotolerant characteristic Excellent  physical and chemical stability   
  2. High-End product without the High-End price!
  3. Premium Grade 

  4. high-purity

  5. Acceptable price
  6. Three Sizes to Choose From
  • 2 Cubic Feet
  • 1.5 Cubic Feet bag
  •  1/ 2 Cubic Feet bag

  • Easy DIY resin replacement with any softener
  • Beautiful mesh resin Excellent life expectancy for long terms
  • Nothing to worry


5 - Aquatrol Water Softener Resin

Aquatrol is an everyday use for developing resins for residential use. Aquatrol cation resin provides a high purity, premium cation resin designed for the treatment of foods, beverages, potable waters, and water used in the processing of food.


Most importantly, High-Quality Replacement resin and quantity are perfect for tanks. 

Water softener resin beads form a helpful net to get an 8 percent cross-link of divinylbenzene and polystyrene. It seemingly has no difficulty catching iron, sulfur, and other surplus minerals from your water without decreasing the life span of the resin bed by far.


Key Features : 

  1. Excellent hydraulic characteristics for optimal flow rate and backwash flow rates. 
  2. This quantity is perfect for 9" X 48" sized tanks
  3. I highly recommend a resin funnel
  4. INTERNATIONAL EQUIVALENTS all over the world.

  • fine mesh resin 
  • excellent chemical stability
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Nicely packaged
  • Saved your lots of money
  • cost-effective for residential water softening systems


6 - AFWFilters  Quality water softener

AFWFilters Quality water softener

AFWFilters is an ideal from all Resin. It holds the most sturdy and durable package Cleaning, and replacing this Resin was a breeze. It took you 1.5 hours from start to finish.


Easy solution for your softener problems This can get messy, but it took out your old Resin and replaced it with this and saved $500.


AFWFilters have strongly acidic cation exchange resin containing sulphonic acid groups. Reasonably fast delivery as a result and a high price compared to the local store and other online offers. 


Key Features :

  1. Having said this, even so, the amount is higher than sufficient to earn a resin bed within a conventional full-fledged water softener with no worries.
  2. The whole quantity of Resin included in 1 tote is just one cubic foot.

  • Best product all over buyers
  • Its take 1.5 hours start to finish
  • Removes hardness from water
  • Perfect for the large family circle
  • It is only recommended for residential water softening systems.


7 - ABCwaters  Best Resin for water softener

ABCwaters Best Resin for water softener

In this case, for the high capacity resin, then ABCwaters best for you above all Resin.


ABCwatersis a cation exchange resin. It's perfect for use for large family or industrial water conditioning systems. High levels of iron or chlorine from the water, the 8 percent cross-link can do just fine. The resin softener beads are polystyrene at a comfortable cross-link percent with divinylbenzene.  


His Resin eliminates dissolved iron and suspended particles from the filtering characteristic of this mattress. 


Key Features :

  1. USDA, NSF, FDA accepted
  2. 12-15 years of health 
  3. Bead form and high range.

  • Work with any type home water softener
  • 20 years or more life expectancy
  • fine mesh resin
  • Easy to replace
  • one full cup. Ft. pack, it comes to your home in two half cu.ft packs.


Buyer Guide

What is Water Softeners and Why You Need One?

Water Softening System in your home, everything that involves water gets higher like showers, laundry, and dish wash cleaner. Water softener resin can be tricky, however, mainly when your water softener isn't functioning at an optimum amount.

One reason people don't put money into a high-efficiency water softener resin would be they don't have a sufficient understanding of how this product works.


What Is the Cross-link?

Cation resins are available in two sizes:

· 8% Cross-link

· 10% Cross-link

Cross-linking is a significant element if a water softener resin has been taken under account. Cross-linking describes the exchange of ions that directly affects burning off the hard water. If the Resin you have purchased hasn't a much better cross-linking percentage, it will not make a major difference.  

When and where to Replace Your water softener resin?


On account of the bad quality of this ion-exchange press found in individual water purification systems, it would not hurt to make the change to an aftermarket resin once you install your water softener.


But if you do not have any issues, you can go with the typical system for some time. Now, how can you identify a possible problem with your resin mattress? apart from this salt intake rate in your water softener?

When it's using salt in recommended amounts, but your water isn't coming out tender, then the chlorine or even significant iron levels might have ruined the resin bed. Be aware that if your machine isn't using enough sodium, this may signify a leaky valve.


Some commonly asked questions are explained below:

What is the best water softener resin?

I will go with Purolite C100E Water Softener Resin since it may enhance the efficacy of drinking water heaters and certainly will readily convert hard-water to milder ones inside a brief moment.

Choose the best water softener resin?

Make particular water purification chlorine gets at the least 10 percent cross-linking. therefore side from that, it has to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water and raise the worth of drinking water heaters in an identical moment. Similar to have a resin loading funnel too.




In summary, it might be regarding the ideal water softener resins offered on the marketplace. Be sure you put money into a resin, however, which provides to enhance the efficacy of their water Heater perfectly. If you're likewise being confused, then I'll be spending like Purolite C100E Water softening Resin because it is an option even so long term investment.



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